In order to reach success in an IT migration project, the proper tools are needed. Make sure to make the process seamless and quick with Quest.


Migrate your IT easily to Microsoft 365 with Quest

The process of migrating to Microsoft 365 involves e-mail inboxes, calendars and files to be moved from one location to another. Especially for enterprises, that not a task to scoff at. The move requires coexistence and synchronization between the platforms. That's why we've chosen to work with Quest.

Among the products that can help the migration project, Quest is an obvious contender. At EdgeGuide, we've chosen to work with Quest because we think it's one of the best tools to assist the migration to Microsoft 365.

Migration without business interruptions

With Quest the core business processes will go on as usual, even during the migration. The key is coexisting environments that are synchronized. Regardless if moving from an on premise based Microsoft environment, IBM Notes or other platforms.

Fast Exchange migration

The so called Migration Manager for Exchange has been used to migrate more than 20 million e-mail inboxes, calendars and shared folders to Microsoft 365.

Significantly quicker migration from Notes

When moving from IBM Notes to Microsoft 365, Quest Migration for Notes to SharePoint is a both a lifesaver and a timesaver. It performs the transfer up to three times as fast as competitors. When databases need to be migrated, Quest provides all the right tools.


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