Do you need files moved from IBM Notes? Migrate your Notes-environment to the cloud with the Notes2Cloud subscription service. While you focus on the next step, we take care of both the technology and the support.



The journey from IBM Notes to a cloud based workspace is a process often discussed among Notes users. And it's less about if and more about when and how to move the critical on-premise based business applications. And it can be a tough call – setting up the environment in the cloud can seem daunting and like a problem better pushed to the future. 

Notes2Cloud is a SaaS subscription where we move your whole Notes environment in the cloud, including management and support. You don't need to spend resources on maintenance and upkeep. Instead you can focus on what's next for your business.

A speedy and straightforward transfer

Using our proven model we move your Notes applications to our securely hosted datacenter in Stockholm. Then the users are migrated, a part they'll barely notice, and we help set up the proper licensing. We'll handle servers, firewalls and other security, as well as support. And for your users – it's just business as usual.

One monthly fee – that's it

Everything from migrating to managing and supporting is included in the price. Migrating your applications to the Microsoft ecosystem in Office 365 and SharePoint Online is also possible.

Future-proof your IT

Once your Notes applications are securely in the cloud, it's easier to shift focus towards the next steps – such as moving the whole organization to Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Some applications are easier to move, others are more of a challenge. Regardless, we can help. If need be, we can rebuild Notes-applications from scratch in the Microsoft environment.


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