CoreView is one of the first and best platforms for managing SaaS applications. It gathers all Microsoft 365 information into one single dashboard for easy review and action.


Use CoreView to take control of Microsoft 365

CoreView will lower the Microsoft-costs with up to 30%, while also saving time and making every part of the administration easier. With the easy-to-use dashboards to manage permissions, among many other things, it really helps the IT department, who instead can focus on developing other parts of the business. EdgeGuide is a partner to CoreView. To get a demo of CoreView, or to get insights into the potential savings, contact EdgeGuide.

Optimize licences to save

Licenses are costly. With CoreView you get a clear view of which licenses that are unused and get suggestions for how to save money by using a different license plan. Stop paying for unused licenses.

One single dashboard

The clear interface makes it a breeze to view, analyze and manage the various applications. Instead of visiting all the administration centers manually, simply do it from the CoreView interface. Quick and easy!

Stay protected from attacks

CoreView logs and tracks both suspicious activity, internally and externally. This ensure you have the upper hand when taking action to be safe from hackers, phishing and malware.

Simplify the user adoption process

With CoreView you can make the user adoption easy. CoreView's Just in Time Learning functionality ensures the user has the resources they need – right when they need it.


Contact us about CoreView here

If you want a demo or to find out more about CoreView, contact us here.

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