ContentParts for
SharePoint Online

Unlock the true CMS potential in SharePoint Online with ContentParts. The built-in strengths of SharePoint Online combined with smart tools for publishing content. It's easy, intuitive and secure.


ContentParts for SharePoint Online

In spite of the stability and many great functions of SharePoint Online, there are no advanced tools for content handling. With ContentParts, SharePoint Online turns into a proper CMS – with all that can be expected from one. ContentParts for SharePoint Online uses web parts functionality to take control over content, design and navigation in ways that haven't been possible until now. 

Create and reuse content

With new and improved tools for content creation, you can easily make posts with text, images and other types of content. Content present on multiple sites only need to be updated once and all instances will change with the first.

Unleash your design with advanced editing tools

Content shared by ContentParts is by default made based on the color scheme in your SharePoint site. And with both HTML- and custom templates you can quickly take control. Templates make sure all sites follow the set design.

Navigate with ease

With better tools for navigation, it's just to drag and drop to change menus. And to create new pages is just two clicks away.

Improved version history and workflows

You can view the version history on the active site, and restore older versions. While waiting for new content to be approved, other sites can be edited in the meantime – without interruptions.


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