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Make email signature design, editing, managing and more hassle-free. CodeTwo is one of the best tools for quickly and easily setting up and deploying consistent e-mail signatures throughout the organization.


Microsoft 365 signature manager

Email signatures are one of the most basic elements of any conversation. But setting them up for everyone in your company is a herculean task. Designing a professional email signature, deploying it to every email client and device, and ensuring it stays up to date takes a lot of combined effort from marketing, communication, and IT departments. A Microsoft 365 signature manager is the solution which allows you to change this dreadful experience into a quick and easy one. And if you want to use the best tool for signature management, CodeTwo Email Signatures for Microsoft 365 is the way to go.

Consistent branding

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Microsoft 365 lets you ensure that branding is always consistent. No matter who receives your email, if they use dark mode or not – a correctly set up email signature template is displayed the way it should be.

Flexible deployment

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Microsoft 365 offers flexible deployment options. Signatures can be added in the cloud via a dedicated, Microsoft Azure-based service – in this way, they can be applied to emails sent from any device and app. Or you can use Microsoft Admin Center or AppSource to automatically deploy a dedicated add-in which inserts personalized signatures directly into Outlook & Outlook on the web. Or use a combination of both methods at the same time.

HTML signature editor

You can create beautiful email signature designs using the built-in editor. A rich email signature template library, an easy-to-use editor with a multitude of editing capabilities, and the option to work directly on HTML code equip you with the tool which lets you fully control your email signature design. No need to pay anyone extra just to create a design for you.


A common problem with email signature management solution is that one team (usually marketing) designs a signature, while another (usually IT) is responsible for setting it up. With CodeTwo Email Signatures for Microsoft 365, it’s much easier. You can assign the marketing team rights to manage email signatures directly. Thanks to an intuitive interface, they can handle signature management without any help from IT.

Instant updates

Want to change your signature design? Update your branding, change a link, add an email disclaimer? As soon as you save the changes, they will be applied to each mailbox in your organization. It’s similar to the situation when you change someone’s personal information in Azure Active Directory – changes are synced in real time.

Multiple integrations

This email signature manager lets you integrate it with Azure Active Directory to personalize an email signature for each user. But that’s not all. Integrations with customer satisfaction surveys let you gather feedback from customers. Integrations with meeting schedulers make it easy for customers to book your services. And finally, integrations with web analytics tools allow you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Outstanding Security

No matter which deployment option you choose, you benefit from the best security mechanisms available. While some vendors brag that their services are based on ISO-compliant Microsoft Azure servers, the CodeTwo solution gives you more. Not only is it powered by Azure, but also developed by the only email signature solutions provider whose ISMS is 100% compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI.

More marketing opportunities

Embedded images which are not blocked by recipients’ email clients, the ability to add linked email signature banners and logos, social media buttons and more. The option to schedule campaigns and track link clicks – those are a few features that help your marketing team launch successful email marketing campaigns.

Centralized management

You or people you delegate can manage your Microsoft 365 email signatures from a web browser using any web-enabled device. Signatures can be added organization-wide to emails sent from any email client and device. Highly customizable email signature rules let you decide who gets a specific signature and when. CodeTwo’s service will handle any scenario you can imagine.


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