Office 365

The term Office 365 most commonly refers to the Office platform and applications offered by Microsoft. In the Office 365 and Microsoft ecosystem there is a multitude of aspects to consider. For the sake of the core business, efficient processes, enabled productivity and protection of data as well as users. EdgeGuide's Office 365 services are offered to secure maximization of Microsoft's tools.

Office 365

Our Services

When creating digital workplaces and infrastructures, we start by evaluating the core business impact of any given service or function. If something has no effect, its purpose can arguably be questioned.

For the sake of the business and the users, we primarily consider five core concepts, each with its own dimensions. Those five concepts are:

  • Strategy – how to plan implementation, use and expectations.
  • Governance – who are in charge, and what the reporting structure is.
  • User experience – how changes will mean better usability, productivity and overall experience.
  • User adoption – how and why to use something.
  • IT – the technical aspect, including security and overall impact on the it-infrastructure.

Once all five concepts are considered, an organization is truly on the way towards digital transformation.

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Custom Applications in SharePoint Online

EdgeGuide makes custom applications, solutions and processes for SharePoint Online. Our solutions are sure to meet, and go beyond, expectations.

Migrate from Notes to Office 365

Moving from the local IBM based Notes platform to the Microsoft cloud based Office 365 platform can be easier said than done. EdgeGuide has over time proven the mastery of all parts involved in the shift from Notes to Office 365.

Migrate to Office 365

Switching to the Microsoft environment and ecosystem can boost both cost savings and productivity. But the migration process requires more than just copying and pasting.

SaaS Management – Office 365

The skillset needed for proper management and optimization of Office 365 can be hard to find, but the added value is hard to deny. EdgeGuide can help maintain and evolve your 365-infrastructure.

Security for Office 365

To get the right level of security and protection for your Office 365-environment, a deep level of understanding is required. EdgeGuide can provide you with insights and solutions to keep you safe.

User Adoption – Office 365

For users to be comfortable and confident with Office 365 and its variety of components, it's imperative to strategically plan. EdgeGuide has developed multiple frameworks that will help tackle different User Adoption challenges.


What our clients say about us

"We trust EdgeGuide. We needed to add custom tools for administration and automation to our platform, so of course we wanted EdgeGuide to handle that project. They aced it."

Robert Nibelius


"EdgeGuide was a key player during our transformation journey. With EdgeGuide's methodical approach we could successfully migrate our core business logic to the cloud."

Vladimir Simic


"We wanted EdgeGuide to lead our user adoption initiative. Thanks to EdgeGuide, we now have a complete framework that works with our organization's user adoption needs."

Ellen Stenmar

IT Manager Training and Education

"EdgeGuide prioritizes security throughout the it environment. Due to the holistic view, it is virtually risk free to carry out projects together with EdgeGuide."

Sune Nanberg


"Thanks to EdgeGuide we safely moved our Lotus Notes applications to Office 365. And now we also have a clear strategy for how to manage future migration projects."

Thomas Hansén

Head of IT

"Technical complexity is not an issue for EdgeGuide. Their deliveries are on time and their solutions are always secure, in accordance with the sector's high standards."

Anders Johansson