Keep your applications in Notes while making them accessible from SharePoint. Notes2SharePoint smoothens the transition from Notes on the journey to the cloud.



Migrating from Notes can be a very tough challenge. Some applications are easy to transfer to other platforms, while others are highly complex in their functionality and with many connections. Don't let the difficult applications stop the migration project, though. With Notes2SharePoint the applications can still be kept in Notes and accessed from SharePoint.

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A fresh and clean interface

With Notes2SharePoint your old Notes applications will get a facelift in SharePoint – without needing to code anything. The users don't need any client software, and can access the application straight from the browser.

Create time to plan for the future

Notes2SharePoint is a solution that makes it so you don't need to slow down the transition to Microsoft 365. It helps ease your mind and focus on planning on making the migration projects as effective as possible.


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