Cloud Strategy

An important aspect about cloud technology is that the change is thought through. Costs, licenses, risks and opportunities need to be considered. At EdgeGuide we believe the cloud is the future – but that does not mean that a head-first jump is the right way to go. Send us a message below to get in touch!

Identity Management Strategies

As important as strong authentication is for verifying a user’s identity, it’s just as important (if not more) to properly manage this identity and its access to corporate resources. This can help avoid accidental data leakage, but also protect your organization in the event of a breach.

We help you set up strategies for properly managing user access during their entire lifecycle, including onboarding, offboarding and privileged identity management.

Cloud Security Strategies

Moving to the cloud brings new possibilities for securing your environment. EdgeGuide can help you see the benefits and make use of the tools this new world brings.

Make use of managed services, run virtual firewalls and distribute your resources in isolated virtual networks to limit the impact of a compromised server. Plenty of services provided are automatically updated and managed by the cloud provider, so you can stay safe and up to date without having to worry about maintenance.

Cloud Transformation

By having migrated many customers to the cloud, we are well aware of the challenges that a cloud transformation brings. To ensure better decision making, all participants in the migration process need clearly defined motivations and desired business outcomes. Common examples are cost saving and business agility. After that you need to evaluate the technical and financial considerations to build a business case. When all this is done comes the process of evaluating your IT assets to determine the best approach for hosting them in the cloud, getting the organization ready, finding the right implementation options, migrating, securing and managing the cloud environment.

When starting your journey to the cloud, let us assist you in planning and implementing each step to provide a seamless experience with minimal impact to the daily business.

Azure Cost Optimization

Moving to Azure is easy. Embracing new ways of thinking and strategies is not. To optimize the costs in Microsoft Azure is one of the most important areas for ensuring a positive ROI. We help our clients embrace the strengths Azure that provides to avoid unnecessary cost.

We look at, for example, resource uptime needs, right-sizing and standardizing VM-series which provides more flexibility when reserving instances. Is there an opportunity to apply autoscaling to dynamically allocate and de-allocate resources? Is Azure Hybrid Benefit the most optimal or is it smarter to pay for licenses when using the services? EdgeGuide evaluates this and a lot more. Contact us via the form below.


Send us a message here and briefly describe the long-term goals you would like EdgeGuide to help with. We'll reach out to you as soon as we can.


What our clients say about EdgeGuide

The primary logo of the company Onitio

”We faced a multi-faceted and complex migration challenge following a carve-out. We contacted EdgeGuide and they envisioned a smooth transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 with very low business impact – and they delivered flawlessly. They also provided us with communication strategies and materials so all users could prepare before, during and after the transition. We are now securely ...

Erik Myrstuen

CIO, Onitio

The primary logo of the company twoday

"EdgeGuide proved to be the perfect partner for our migration journey from Google Suite to Microsoft 365. Their ideal blend of patience and proficiency navigated us through the necessary change management. We appreciate that the service EdgeGuide provided was thoughtfully tailored to meet our unique requirements. At twoday, we lead our customers in the complex landscape of digital transformation b...

Finn Uldum

Technical Director, twoday

"EdgeGuide fits in well with our team by being true professionals. Because of the ever-changing industry, we need project management and architecture for complex IT-projects. The consultants at EdgeGuide have long term action plans but are quick to get processes moving. We highly recommend working with EdgeGuide."

Krister Tånneryd


"EdgeGuide made a massive difference by helping us with IT project management. We are an international company, so having more standardized processes and better governance from HQ upped both trust and efficiency. When acquiring businesses, we now have a clear structure to make the transition process smooth."

Marcus Johansson

IT manager

"EdgeGuide helped us with technical aspects of a rebranding after an acquisition. With smooth processes and clear communication, EdgeGuide is a great partner that performs operatively as well as strategically."

Anna Börjesson


"Edgeguide is one of the most reliable and competent IT teams that I have worked with. High integrity and high standards in IT knowledge combined with emphatic and engaged team members enabled an effective implementation of Microsoft 365 in a complex, decentralized global organisation."

Christian Kohl


"We trust EdgeGuide. We needed to add custom tools for administration and automation to our platform, so of course we wanted EdgeGuide to handle that project. They aced it."

Robert Nibelius


"EdgeGuide was a key player during our transformation journey. With EdgeGuide's methodical approach we could successfully migrate our core business logic to the cloud."

Vladimir Simic


"We wanted EdgeGuide to lead our user adoption initiative. Thanks to EdgeGuide, we now have a complete framework that works with our organization's user adoption needs."

Ellen Stenmar

IT Manager Training and Education

"EdgeGuide prioritizes security throughout the it environment. Due to the holistic view, it is virtually risk free to carry out projects together with EdgeGuide."

Sune Nanberg


"Thanks to EdgeGuide we safely moved our Lotus Notes applications to Office 365. And now we also have a clear strategy for how to manage future migration projects."

Thomas Hansén

Head of IT

"Technical complexity is not an issue for EdgeGuide. Their deliveries are on time and their solutions are always secure, in accordance with the sector's high standards."

Anders Johansson


"We had a hard time migrating our Notes applications to Office 365. EdgeGuide's competence and experience helped minimize the risks, while keeping the cost low. Our users are now happy to be using a safe and modern it platform."

Ossi Bashiri


"From what I've seen, EdgeGuide's developers are excellent at creating solutions for SharePoint Online and Office 365. The projects I've been involved in have always had deliveries with high quality for a set price with no hidden fees."

Pelle Jonsson

Collaboration Application Governor

"EdgeGuide communicates clearly, making it easy and smooth to collaborate – I have been seen and heard by EdgeGuide. That makes it easy to find ways to move forward, and to finish projects. EdgeGuide feels like a natural partner."

Max Zomborszki

Head of IT

"Since the implementation of Microsoft 365 it has been of key importance to focus on user adoption and show the benefits for users. EdgeGuide helped our organization to find innovative and smart ways to collaborate."

Carlos Castaneda

Digital Workplace Manager

”Edgeguide har en väldigt hög servicegrad. De släpper inte taget förrän allt fungerar som det ska.”

Ingmar Blomqvist

Digital Workplace Manager