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Working at EdgeGuide requires a will to be a team player. Each and every one at EdgeGuide contributes to the everyday magic. Since EdgeGuide is a small company, each individual will have the opportunity to leave a big impact, on both co-workers and in the line of work.

At EdgeGuide we're highly valuing differences and diversity. We celebrate our differences – when the individual employees thrive, so does EdgeGuide.



Breakdown of the roles at EdgeGuide

Primarily it's thanks to the competencies below that we continue to succeed. Everyone have their own perspectives and backgrounds, adding to the complete picture that is EdgeGuide. In general the employees at EdgeGuide has one of these roles.

  • Technical Specialist. The role of technical specialist means a wide variety of duties, most often limited to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. It can involve solution designs, solution configuration, migration projects, best practice workshops and support for the IT organizations of our clients. The technical specialists therefore play a central part of large, multinational Office 365 and Azure environments.
  • Architect. The architects at EdgeGuide are pros who have mastered many technical areas. They are key in solving the puzzle of combining functionality, security, usability and reason. They need to consider every part of major projects and are the ones who have most in-depth expertise, and therefore the designers of such projects.
  • Project Managers. The project managers at EdgeGuide need a wide span and deep level of the platforms and softwares that we use. With multiple projects going on with different stakeholders, it's required to have the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently with all involved parties. Given that the project managers are the link between EdgeGuide and clients, as well as the technical aspect and the business aspect, the project managers have a very important role.
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Therefore we would be more than happy to get in touch, if you think you'd be a good fit at EdgeGuide. Even if we aren't actively looking for someone to fill a certain role, we encourage you to send your application to us. You do not need to be based in Stockholm to work at EdgeGuide. But if you are, we have an awesome office with unbeatable coffee. Send your application to