About EdgeGuide

EdgeGuide's primary focus is to promote other companies' IT-environments through cloud computing and core buiness optimization. At EdgeGuide we chase the impossible to prove there is no such thing.

Who we are

About EdgeGuide

EdgeGuide creates IT-solutions that make a difference. Our promise is to provide applications and services which lift clients' core businesses through better efficiency and enabled productivity.

EdgeGuide's vision is to truly enable IT among our clients. And that is an attitude that has held true ever since 2000, when EdgeGuide was founded. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that remains is that we're still based in Stockholm, Sweden. See us on Google Maps here.

During the first 10 years our primary partner was the tech giant IBM. EdgeGuide helped companies that had IBM-based environments, and created different types of specialized solutions to make sure the Notes-infrastructure and all applications kept performing. With a holistic view, customers quickly realized the added value our solutions had.

When entering the 2010s the cloud computing opportunities grew – with Microsoft being one of the key players. EdgeGuide decided to shift focus, from specialized local IBM solutions to cloud-based Microsoft solutions. Our mindset, however, remains the same – it's just that we now keep our heads in the cloud. The sky is not the limit.

Persistence is an important word to EdgeGuide. Our persistence has made us grow wise in our field. We've increased revenue and productivity for enterprises, government agencies, major companies locally in Sweden as well as elsewhere in the world. Our accumulated experience with various platforms, solutions and challenges has made us adopt a goal-oriented but flexible mindset for migrating, developing and digitizing for our clients.

The curiosity at EdgeGuide is a red thread that mark our successes and help us to grow. Our willingness to learn make us humble in our approach, and we seek to inspire others to learn – better minds will lead to a better future.

EdgeGuide ultimately seeks to bend the boundaries of what is possible.


What our clients have said about us

"We trust EdgeGuide. We needed to add custom tools for administration and automation to our platform, so of course we wanted EdgeGuide to handle that project. They aced it."

Robert Nibelius


"EdgeGuide was a key player during our transformation journey. With EdgeGuide's methodical approach we could successfully migrate our core business logic to the cloud."

Vladimir Simic


"We wanted EdgeGuide to lead our user adoption initiative. Thanks to EdgeGuide, we now have a complete framework that works with our organization's user adoption needs."

Ellen Stenmar

IT Manager Training and Education

"EdgeGuide prioritizes security throughout the it environment. Due to the holistic view, it is virtually risk free to carry out projects together with EdgeGuide."

Sune Nanberg


"Thanks to EdgeGuide we safely moved our Lotus Notes applications to Office 365. And now we also have a clear strategy for how to manage future migration projects."

Thomas Hansén

Head of IT

"Technical complexity is not an issue for EdgeGuide. Their deliveries are on time and their solutions are always secure, in accordance with the sector's high standards."

Anders Johansson


"We had a hard time migrating our Notes applications to Office 365. EdgeGuide's competence and experience helped minimize the risks, while keeping the cost low. Our users are now happy to be using a safe and modern it platform."

Ossi Bashiri


"From what I've seen, EdgeGuide's developers are excellent at creating solutions for SharePoint Online and Office 365. The projects I've been involved in have always had deliveries with high quality for a set price with no hidden fees."

Pelle Jonsson

Collaboration Application Governor

"EdgeGuide communicates clearly, making it easy and smooth to collaborate – I have been seen and heard by EdgeGuide. That makes it easy to find ways to move forward, and to finish projects. EdgeGuide feels like a natural partner."

Max Zomborszki

Head of IT

"Since the implementation of Microsoft 365 it has been of key importance to focus on user adoption and show the benefits for users. EdgeGuide helped our organization to find innovative and smart ways to collaborate."

Carlos Castaneda

Digital Workplace Manager


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